Save at the Movies

It’s no surprise families are deciding to have “staycations” because of the rising cost of vacations and the effects of an economic recession. This means parents are searching around for low-cost activities or no cost activities that will both entertain the kiddies and not drain their pocketbooks.

Movies are a favorite pass-time for many, but they seem to cost a days wage if more than two go. There are however different ways to approach movie viewing which cost a fraction of the regular cost.

First ask yourself if you need to see a movie in their first stage of release? Will viewing the movie when it first comes out be any different than say…a month or two down the road when you can see it at a reduced price, at a cheaper theater? You’d be surprised at how much money you’d save by waiting. If you can’t wait, try going during the matinée time. You’ll save up to three dollars going this way. Most movies cost more in the later hours of the day since work is over and the night life comes to life.

Avoid the concessions stands. You’ll end up paying twice the amount for drinks, popcorn, or candy than the actual cost of viewing the movie itself. Eat and drink before you see the movie. This way you’ll be full and wont spend extra money at the movies. Slip a pack of gum into your purse or pocket and chew on it during the movie to keep those taste buds happy and your mouth busy.

Check and see if the movie theater, you frequent, has preferred customer discounts. If they do, sign up for their newsletter or preferred customer card. Each time you visit present them with your card for whatever discounts they offer. Another approach, which is by far cheaper than going to an actual theater is to join a movie club which offers several movies for X amount of money, which you can watch at home.

Netflix, Blockbuster, and other movie rental places offer movie viewing for mere pennies once the movie has been released to disc and Blue-ray. Often times you get to keep the movie for a couple of days or more, depending on the movie rental store you use. Of course this means you’ll need to wait to view a movie, but the money you’ll save in gas, snacks, and admittance is well worth the wait. You’ll actually have money left over to enjoy other activities with your family, if you take advantage of these money-saving tips for family movie viewing.