Holiday Staycation

It never fails, the holidays come and up goes the cost of gasoline. You almost need to take out a loan so you can afford to put gas in your car. Instead of making plans to travel this year, why not plan a “Holiday Staycation” and let others come to you.

There are many free or next to free things which families can take part in during the holiday season. It might not be as exciting as traveling somewhere, but it sure will save you tons of money.

What can a family do then? Here are some family friendly suggestions you might consider.

Game night. Brush off the dust from those old board games. Reintroduce or introduce what it was like playing board games when you were a child. Monopoly, Sorry, Clue and Life are a few which were at one time very popular. While you’re getting the games out, pop up some popcorn. This activity will not cost you a thing, but you’ll gain much from being together and sharing hours of fun during the holidays.

Share holiday stories with one another. Much like game night, story telling night will center around stories associated with the holiday you’re celebrating at the time. If you don’t have any story books, make some up or check some out at the local library. Set the scene for this holiday story telling time. Start a fire in the fireplace, or stoke the coals of a wood burning stove. Just give your reading area a nice cozy and family fun feeling. Make some hot chocolate to sip while the stories are being read or told. Nothing elaborate needs to be done, just the coming together of family. This is a priceless occasion and your pocketbook will thank you.

Spread holiday cheer. Find an elderly person or persons who need some outside work done. Bag leaves, stack wood, rake the yard. Do whatever you can to help someone else out. It’s the kind of gift giving which will leave fond memories with those you help out and with yourself as well. There is no richer gift to give than of self. You’ll save materially, but gain lots in other ways.

While these suggestions don’t cost or cost little, the returns you see on them are far more valuable than any material price.