How to Save Money on Your Wedding

It’s your wedding day. You’ve planned for this day since you were young. You want it all, glitz, glamour, and the wow factor. Does this have you chasing dollar signs in your sleep?

Ask yourself this and be honest, “does my wedding cost need to be thousands of dollars to achieve everything I want?” Here are a few thoughts to consider when cutting wedding cost down and still being able to enjoy a beautiful wedding.


When giving thought to what you are going to wear remember you can cut a big portion of your wedding cost by shopping at discounted dress shops. Most discounted dress shops carry a wide selection of different styles you can choose from. If you have a friend whose dress you admired, ask to borrow hers. You won’t have a purchase expense if you decide to go this way.


Instead of buying a tuxedo, consider renting one. A tuxedo is seldom worn and it would be a frivolous purchase if worn only once. Renting a tuxedo for the day will cost a lot less. Also consider buying a suit instead of a tuxedo. A suit can be worn on many occasions. It’s an investment in your wardrobe. A suit can be worn to church, to work, or to events after the wedding.


Shop at flower shops who are willing to give discounts. Flower markets are known for giving reduced prices, especially if purchased in bulk. Don’t be afraid of choosing flowers that aren’t considered wedding flowers. You’ll find selecting flowers which are less popular or off season will cut this expense down by a significant amount. Also don’t be opposed to using fake flowers. They are made to resemble living flowers, and their texture is almost like the “real thing.” This cost can be far less than purchasing real flowers.


A lot of money goes into creating invitations for a wedding. You can lower your invitation cost by making your owninvitations. If you don’t want to make them, purchase just a few special invitations for yourself and the parents on both sides. Give one group invitation to those at work, or church. You can give an email invitation to others, or call up those you want to invite with a phone invitation.


You’ll be cutting your reception cost down by serving only finger foods. Veggie trays, sandwich trays, fruit trays, and cheese trays go a long way when feeding a huge crowd. These can be made by family and friends.

Wedding Cake

Have a family member or friend make your wedding cake. If they aren’t able, try thinking outside the box. You could opt for serving personalized cookies or cupcakes instead of a cake. Cookies and cupcakes are cheaper than a huge extravagant wedding cake.


You might be surprised to know you can find tons of wedding favors, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, knives, balloons, and flowers at Dollar Stores. These huge money saving stores get surplus material from name brand stores. You just need to be willing to shop there.

Yes, you can have it all at a fraction of the cost. Be willing to seek out less costly items when it comes to putting your wedding together. Just because you don’t spend thousands of dollars doesn’t mean your wedding will not be successful or beautiful. By cutting wedding cost down, you can keep yourself from going in debt right after the I DOs.