How to Save Money When Hosting A Party

Whether it’s holidays, weddings, anniversaries, or just for fun, giving a party can be expensive. When you consider everything that goes into hosting a party expenses add up quickly. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you host frugally without skimping on anything.

1. Make decorations or skip them all together. Ask yourself if decorations are really necessary, if not don’t spend money on them. If it’s a theme party or for a specific type of party make the decorations. Those personal touches can be fun or conversation starters.

2. Make your party a covered dish affair. Have everyone bring something to the party. You can ask people to bring the paper products, drinks and so on. You’re providing the space and time, so everyone can pitch in and help with the rest. Never be too shy to ask others to help out. You don’t need to say you’re trying to cut expenses, just ask for a helping hand.

3. Serve finger foods. It’s a lot cheaper to serve things that are grab and go sort of foods. Cocktail sausages on a toothpick with a piece of cheese, pigs in a blanket and so on. You can even buy things which can be cut in half, twice the amount of food without the cost.

4. Consider not serving food all together. Who says there has to be food served at a party? For most parties it’s about people getting together to enjoy each others company, so just enjoy the association and know, there is nothing wrong with kool-aid and popcorn.

These fall and winter months are packed full of party opportunities, so don’t try to host a party every time something comes along, this way you won’t be spending money that can be socked away for something else.