Beef Hash Recipe

Have you been grocery shopping lately and noticed a spike in the cost of groceries? It’s harder everyday to stretch that dollar to feed one person, let alone a family.

Deciding to approach the increase in grocery prices with a frugal goal in mind, I’m asking friends and family for their own frugal ways of stretching their dollars when it comes to making  frugal meals to feed their family.

This recipe has been passed on through the generations of Phyllis’s family, their roots being of Irish decent and tradition. You may have
your own version of these already in your recipe box, if so, pull it out and add it to your frugal box of recipes.


  • 1 lb or so of beef (Phyllis uses stew meat)
  • 1 small onion diced
  • water (enough to make a broth and cover your meat)


1. Boil your meat in water until tender. Phyllis didn’t say, but I bet you can add what seasonings you want to flavor your meat with, while boiling.

2. Next add your diced onions to the broth, but remove the meat first. Let your onions simmer until translucent, add your meat back into the broth and let simmer together for about ten to fifteen minutes. (to stretch it even further, I’d shred the meat.)

3. Your broth should thicken without adding any thickening agents to it. Pour over biscuits. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m going to try it over rice.

This recipe has very little ingredients, but will stretch to feed quite a few, for very little cost. Adding a can of veggies into the
mix would make it stretch even more.

A warm and delicious meal for less than ten dollar, which will feed about a family of four. This is truly a frugal meal you could serve a
few times in the month, and it wont put you in the poor house making it.