Save A Hundred Bucks the Easy Way!

In a tough economy, every penny counts. Make your pennies count more and add up to a little next egg. Here’s an easy peasy way to save $100 a year and it won’t hurt–not one bit. Guaranteed.

If you’re like me, you have loose change that hangs out and parties on the floorboards of your car or in your couch cushions. Sometimes my change jingles at the bottom of my purse or jumps out at me from my dryer. All loose change in my house goes into a little teapot and gets saved until it is needed for something. Make your loose change pull its weight by adding up to an extra $100 in savings at the end of the year.

Start by grabbing a jar or some kind of container to collect your change in. The only thing this savings plan requires is discipline to make sure you actually follow it. Set a reminder on your cell phone or email to remind you to add 28 cents to your jar every single day. If you wonder where you’ll find 28 cents each day (trust me, there have been days where I’ve been lucky to dig up that much), check your change purse, your car, your pockets, furniture, laundry room and other places in your home where loose change accumulates.

Sure it seems like a simple idea–and really it is–but the point is you have to actually put the change away. Make that effort! Start January 1 and by the end of the year you’ve got an extra hundred bucks to celebrate with or simply put toward something fun and cool. Maybe you might need the extra moula for something less than fun and cool but necessary like an unexpected expense or monthly bills. Either way, the point is to save money.