Tricks for Keeping Outdoor Wicker Furniture Clean and Protected

Wicker furniture on the patio or deck is symbolic of summer and slower-paced living. It brings to mind images friends lounging and sharing lemonade or cold beer on hot, summer afternoon. Preserving your wicker furniture so that it stands up to use year after year is a simple matter of following a few tricks to keep it clean and protected.

Remove Dust

This is a simple but essential step. Simply use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis to remove dust, fur and hair that can accumulate in crevices. For areas where debris is wedged in cracks, use a dry paint brush, toothbrush or tweezers to dislodge it.

Wash It

You can make your own cleaner that is safe for wicker by combining 2 tablespoons of ammonia with 1 gallon of water. A light scrubbing with a soft bristled brush and a quick rinse with fresh water is adequate. You want to clean it without saturating it unnecessarily.

Watch the Weave

To keep your wicker furniture looking as good as new, pay attention to the spacing of the weave. If after you vacuum or wash it, you notice some of the pieces have shifted, gently move them back into place to prevent warping or breakage.

Clean Spills

It seems unnecessary to say but cleaning spills immediately can prevent staining. Use a cloth dampened with a light detergent.

Damaging Conditions

Dry conditions can cause wicker to dry out and become brittle. High humidity can cause mold or mildew to develop. It may be necessary to move furniture during fluctuations that could cause damage. Too much exposure to direct sunlight, or excessive rain and snow can negatively impact the lifespan and appearance of your wicker furniture. Covered porches and patios are the best places for outdoor wicker furniture. Protect your pieces from constant exposure to the elements.

Treating Damage

If wicker furniture is saturated from heavy rains, wipe it down as soon as possible with dry cloths. Excessive water can loosen the weave. Place the furniture in a shady location where it has good exposure to the air. Adjust the weave if necessary. To treat for mold or mildew, vacuum the furniture first. Next, wash the furniture with water and bleach solution. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely before using again.

Use Cushions

An easy way to prolong the life of your wicker furniture is to add cushions. Cushions prevent damage to the weave and can be replaced as needed

The idea of outdoor wicker furniture appeals to some people because it represents an elegant and relaxing part of life. In some cases, antique wicker pieces have been passed down, one generation after another. Preserving outdoor wicker furniture allows you to enjoy your treasured pieces and the way of life they represent for years to come.