5 Tips for Stockpiling on a Budget

When your budget is tight (like mine is), stockpiling items may seem to be impossible. It really is hard to squeeze out extra money to cover things that you don’t need right now. In the long run though, stockpiling can help you save money as you guard against rising costs and prepare for emergencies that could happen. You never know when weather will strike and make you wish you had extra supplies on hand. Here are my tips for stocking up on food and household items while sticking to a budget.

Set Aside a Set Amount

If you can squeeze out an extra five bucks a month, set it aside to stock up on items. Five dollars can buy extra toilet paper, a few jugs of drinking water or a few canned goods. A few items is better than none in the even of an emergency or a price increase.

Use Coupons

Coupons can help if some of the items you buy are name brand items. If you never buy name brands, then coupons won’t save much money, but occasionally you can find coupons that offer a great bargain for the name brand or sometimes a two for one deal–perfect for stockpiling.

Buy in Bulk

If you have a Sam’s Club or a Costco in your area, buy items in bulk. They are often a better deal than you get at your regular grocery store. While the initial cost might be a little steep, you can go in with a friend to buy the bulk item then split it. This benefits both of you.

Save Your Change

Set up a jar or some type of container to throw your loose change into. Use this as a stockpiling fund. Every so often you can count it out and take it to the bank to cash the change in then take the money and go right to the grocery store for stockpiling.

Aluminum Cans

Collect aluminum cans from the roadside then recycle them and use the cash to fund your stockpiling fund. This not only cleans up the roads around your home but also recycles and puts a little cash in your pocket. It might not be a lot but every little bit helps. Turn those cans into your stockpile!

Stockpiling doesn’t have to break the bank and when you have some items put back you will feel secure knowing that you are planning ahead and preparing for your family.