Cheap Entertainment

I love going to movies and other forms of entertainment like live music and more. When the budget is tight though, having a night of entertainment may seem like an unreachable goal. Here are a few tips to still enjoy some down time while not spending too much money.


I spend nine dollars a month to get instant downloads through my Wii from Netflix. My kids and I watch movies and our favorite television series without having to leave home or spend extra money. While Netflix doesn’t have every movie available for instant download, there is enough of a variety to allow us to choose something great to watch at any time.

Local Library

Most public libraries have a movie section available for free checkout. My local public library keeps up on new release DVDs so as long as I can catch something on the shelf.  Because I live in the Library District, I don’t have to pay for a library card so these movies are free.

For non-movie entertainment, a good book can’t be beat and of course those too can be found at the local library.

Other libraries in my area provide other activities for the public, such as movie viewings, classes (exercise, craft, painting), book clubs, and more. If you haven’t paid a visit to your local library in awhile it would be worth your time to stop by. You might be surprised at the variety of free programs available.

Red Box

There are plenty of Red Box stations around that offer new release DVDs for around a dollar.

Local Movie Theaters

Check with your local movie theater for special days that offer discounted prices on tickets. My local theater will often have specials during the week or on specific days.

Check Your Local Newspaper

My local newspaper has a special section every Thursday listing entertainment and events in the local area. This section lists live music, festivals, wine tastings, antique shows, craft fairs and a whole variety of other free and inexpensive local events. If you know where to look, you can find something fun to do at any time.

Even in my little town, there are church socials, events at the local school, and other events at the little restaurant in town. The restaurant occasionally has live bands and pizza socials that offer something to do for little or no cost. Do some checking in your own community–you might be surprised at the variety of free entertainment available!