Ways To Save Money

Who doesn’t like finding ways to save money? Unless a person is extremely rich, money is a hard earned asset, but it’s value shrinks
daily. Here’s a few more idea’s which you might not have thought of when it comes to making your money work for you.

1. Line Dry Clothes:

Dryers use energy, energy converts to dollars spent paying the electric or gas bill. So why not try line drying clothes. It’s not always convenient, but when you can give it a go cutting back a little on the usage of appliances means less money is going out to

2. Do Away with Cable:

Does a person really need hundreds of channels to watch on television? More time is spent surfing than actually viewing TV when cable is involved. Switch to the basic and forgo the movie channels which cost extra. Make it a point to rent movies at places like “The Red Box” or the “Blockbuster” rental box. These movies go for a dollar and you can rent them at will.

3. Unplug Electrical Items Bot Being Used:

Believe it or not, even if lamps, televisions, computers, radio’s and so on are turned off, they’re still burning electricity. This is money
leaving your pockets when you’re not using what’s plugged in. Take a few minutes to unplug what you are not using. Pennies add up.

4. Prepaid Phones:

If you don’t need a cell phone with all the latest gadgets and apps, why not do away with your cell phone service and switch to a prepaid plan? There are so many options out there which basically provide you with the same options as a major cell phone carrier, but you’ll save loads of money purchasing prepaid as you’re not paying unexplained taxes for this and that, which other cell phone providers charge for.

You can buy a plan which suits your needs. Why pay for what you don’t use? Prepaid is a great option when it comes to saving money on cell phones.

5. Carpooling:

Carpooling doesn’t only save everyone money, it cuts back on pollution which hurts our ozone. Rotating driving with friends, families, or workmates saves everyone involved gas expense. If you’re in a position to carpool, give it a go.

6. Cook at home:

If you eat out all the time, did you know you’re spending more than a third of your paycheck by not eating at home. It might be convenient to pick something up, but by eating at home you can build up an nice nest egg to take a vacation on. Start putting the money you’d spend eating out in a savings account or jar and see what you have saved in six months.

7. Keep track of sale cycles:

Every store be it grocery, retail, auto or whatever has a sale cycle. This is when they list things in their stores at lower prices. If you
become aware of when these sales go on you can shop the sales.

Sometimes these sales have anywhere from 10 to 75% off things when it comes to merchandise. Grocery stores offer in store sales which can be double or tripled with coupons. It’s not just mere pennies you’ll save by shopping sales, it can be dollars.

Get in the habit of caring your coupons with you. These buy one get one free items can be huge money savers. Try using your coupons with the sales always. You’ll start finding you’re getting groceries for next to nothing.

As it’s been said in the news recently the prices of groceries are going up, but the packaging is getting smaller, this can apply to just
about anything. Always be looking for ways to stretch that dollar.