Making Your Carpets Last

Purchasing new carpet is a costly investment. You probably saved money for a long time before deciding to buy new carpeting. Now that you have, you want it to last.There are steps you can take to preserve your carpet. Protecting your carpet and taking care to preserve can help it last a long time.

Buy Quality

Cheap carpeting may be tempting but you’ll end up paying more in the long run. Unless you are using the carpeting in a seldom used area where it will get little usage or it is going into rental property, you’re better off paying a little more for quality carpet. Ask for the stain protection to be applied to your carpet. This will allow you clean spills before they can set and cause a stain, a feature that is very handy with kids in the house.

Vacuum Regularly

Every day wear and tear can be tough on a carpet. High foot traffic, pets, dust and other elements can build up in your carpet. If these elements are not removed regularly, they can lead to a quicker break down, loss of color or vitality and eventually stains and wear patterns. How often should you vacuum? That depends on how much foot traffic you have, whether or not you have pets and your geographical location which can contribute to the dust either carried in on shoes or blown in from the surrounding area. The more of these things you have, the more often you should vacuum. The important factor is to it regularly.


Carpets should be cleaned once or twice a year, depending on the amount of traffic and dirt your carpets see. Seasonal conditions could also be a factor in determining how often you clean your carpets. You can hire a professional carpet cleaning company to shampoo your carpets. Another option is to rent a carpet cleaner from a home improvement, grocery or other chain store and do the work yourself. If you can afford it, there is benefit to buying your own carpet cleaner. It is always on hand, ready to use at your convenience. Most come with an upholstery attachment that makes cleaning your furniture possible as well. If one is too expensive, consider splitting the cost with a close friend or relative. For as often as you use it, there should be no schedule conflict that can’t be worked out. Then both of you have ready access to a machine at half the cost and your carpets will thank you for it.