Save Your Junk

There’s no easier way to save money than finding ways to reuse items already in your home. Start by not being so quick to throw away plastic bags, egg cartons, or metal cans:


Egg cartons are a handyman’s delight. Most men will admit that they have screws, nails, bolts and such lying around everywhere. A great way to organize that mess is by putting them in egg cartons. Not to be left out, women can reuse egg cartons to store earrings in, rings, brooches, hair pins or necklaces in. They can even store rolled up pantyhose in eggs cartons.

If you’re a coin collector, you can also reuse egg cartons to house your coins in. These can store away in dressers, sit on closet shelves or be neatly stored on shelves.


Metal cans can also be used to organize with and are great for starting seedlings in. Children can also use these cans for holding crayons, markers, pencils, and pens. In fact you can organize a child’s craft area by using these tin cans to keep things nice and tidy. Of course you’ll need to give them a good cleaning before usage. You should also smooth out the edges if it’s sharp and can let the kids decorate them with appropriate pictures of what will be stored in them. A child’s imagination is a terrible thing to waste. So let them have fun decorating these metal cans.


Plastic bags are great items to recycle for trash can liners. Especially little trash cans we put in bathrooms, by the desk, or next to the dryer to throw lint in.

Not only are plastic bags good for trash liners, you can use them to collect animal waste when out walking your dog. Hey you’re doing your part by cleaning up after your pet and you’re putting smart recycling to use. How? Simply by reusing grocery bags instead of wasting money on poop bags you’d be throwing away.

Another great use for plastic bags are for storing seasonal clothing in or storing blankets in. Fold clothing or blankets as small as you can, place it in the plastic bag and push the excess air out by rolling or tying the bag as tight as you can.

As financial worries bare down on society day after day, many are looking for ways to save. Recycling is the best way of saving, it’s also being frugal by not wasting money you don’t have on other things. We can live on a lot less when we put our thinking caps on. So try to reinvent uses for junk you have on hand.