Tips For Buying A Wedding Ring

When it comes to getting married, cost is always a contributing factor. Especially when getting married in times of economic woes, like the current recession. So how does one go about shopping for wedding rings when the budget is tight? Hopefully these suggestions will give you some insight into savvy shopping when it comes to shopping for wedding rings.

Tip 1

You can find great deals on wedding rings at discount stores. Most are of good quality too. Usually these rings are discontinued or they’re pieces of jewelry others ordered and didn’t like. Sometimes styles change in design of rings, so they’re put on discount.

Tip 2

If you’re worried about the place you’re shopping at, see what type of reputation the jeweler has. You can do this by contacting the BBB. and seeing if they have a good or bad report on the type of business they conduct. You can also always ask around about they’re reputation too and what kind of policies do they have.

Tip 3

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at a discount store or your budget is really small try looking at pawn shops. That’s right, pawn shops, people are always hocking their jewelry for money. If you don’t mind wearing jewelry someone else owned, then give it a go. For a fraction of the cost you can find some great wedding rings.

Tip 4

Check out the jewelry hubs in the middle of malls. Most of these vendors buy mass amounts of jewelry and sell them at discounted prices. The quality of the jewelry sold at these locations might not be of the highest grade, but usually it isn’t the priciest grade of
jewelry either.

Step 5

Finally, if you are of a family who passes down jewelry, see if there are some family wedding ring heirlooms which can be passed on to you. This is a nice way to celebrate family and tradition, for no out of pocket cost to you.

Just remember, when it comes down to it getting married isn’t about wedding rings, these are merely visual symbols of your commitment to one another.