Cutting Fuel Costs

Gasoline prices continue to rise. In some places, the gallon price has surpassed $4. There isn’t much we can do to control the rising prices but there are some things we can do to cut our fuel consumption and our costs.

Drive Less

Sounds easier to say than to do but I assure you it can be done. Start by combining your errands and outings. If you drive your kids to school or after school activities, run your errands then to save trips. If you plan a lunch date, pick a restaurant near some other place where you need to go for an errand like the dry cleaners or the drug store. Need a haircut? Get your car’s oil changed at the same time. See, it’s not that difficult. It just takes a little getting used to.

Drive Even Less

Everyone knows about carpooling but what about carpooling within your own family? If you own more than one vehicle, you could save a bundle by using just one. Sure, it’s convenient for all drivers to use their own vehicles. Having one spouse drop the other off and then go on to work or school can save hundreds of gallons over the course of a year, depending on where you both work.

Gas Buying Tips

In the morning, gas is cool and dense. If you fill up then, you’ll get more gas and less air for your money. You can also sign up for discount gas cards to save more. Stores like Kroger offer their customers a per gallon discount based on how much they spend shopping in the store. Fill your tank when it gets to half full.

Driving Tips

Coast whenever you can. As you approach a light that is yellow or red, lift your foot off the brake and coast to a stop. When you are travelling downhill, coast until your speed begins to dip under the speed limit for the area. Never impede the flow of surrounding traffic though. Avoid sudden braking and stomping on the gas to go. When possible, engage your cruise control. If you don’t have cruise control, keep a steady speed on long stretches. If at all possible, limit your city driving. The stop and go traffic is a real gas guzzler.

Basically, saving money on gasoline comes down to common sense. We all need to retrain ourselves to be more conscientious about our fuel consumption and our habits.