Raising a Little Extra Money

Sometimes I need a little extra money. There might be something I want to buy that’s outside my budget or an unexpected expense I can’t cover. Raising the money to cover these types of expenditures is both challenging and fun. And very often I find I’ve cleared some clutter from my house as well.

Garage Sale

The tried and true garage sale is always an option. If you haven’t had one in some time, chances are you can make a substantial amount of money while purging your home of its excess goods. Pick a date, giving yourself enough time to prepare and call your local newspaper office. Many local newspapers will list your garage sale in the paper and on their website and may even give you signs you can post for free.

Next, go through your home room by room, collecting items you can part with. Don’t forget closets, cabinets, the basement and the garage itself. Price the items to sell. No matter what you paid for it, no one is going to pay full price or even half-price for your stuff. The idea is to get rid of it and make some quick cash. Set up your tables on the appointed date and rake in the dough.


If you have collectible or valuable items, forget the yard sale. You can try your local antique or collectibles dealer but eBay is probably your best bet. Do your homework before listing your item. Check out what other auctions are closing at for similar items so you know how to price yours and what to expect. Check other websites to get an idea of the value of your item for comparison.


What if you have only a few items? It’s not enough to hold a yard sale for but they’re not valuable enough for eBay? Try Craigslist. It is a website that lets you list things you have to sell, on your terms to local people. The ad can run as long as you want it to. Craigslist has had some bad press because some people use it inappropriately but it has thousands of viewers so you have a good chance of finding a buyer.


If you are handy or crafty, you can sell your wares on Etsy. Etsy is a site that lets people sell their homemade items to a wider customer base than they could manage on their own. There are fees and rules so check into it carefully to make sure it will work for you.