Step Two On The Path To Saving Money: Cut Coupons

Do you want to make a quick buck? How about five or six greenbacks? How about ten? This isn’t a hoax, joke, or ponzi scheme. All it takes is a few moments of your time, and a pair of scissors. Today, we look at “cut coupons,” another key component from the original article “Saving Money…The Hard Way Made Easy.” Yes, I know it may seem like a hassle or time-consuming task, but I promise, this is an excellent way to save money. And, it takes less time than you think.

Cutting coupons provides an instant discount on your every day purchases, and allows you to try new products at a cost savings. Yet, most coupons go unused. They lie idle inside your Sunday newspaper, and are generally destined for the landfill or recycle bin without ever serving their purpose. Coupons are available from a variety of sources – newspaper, weekly mailers, online websites, & stores.  Take the time to look through your Sunday or Wednesday newspaper. The days coupons are included in the paper may vary by local area. Also, don’t let the actual newspaper sneak by – some papers print coupons within their pages of sections for you to visit & save at specialty shops, as well. You won’t use every coupon, but odds are coupons are available for your favorite shampoo, canned goods, and paper products. Companies also use coupons as an enticement for you to try their new products. Pick up that new frozen entrée you’ve wanted to try when you see the coupon in the newspaper.

Combining coupons with grocery store sales can increase your savings exponentially. It doesn’t take much to leaf through the weekly grocery store ads – roughly six to sixteen pages, depending on the store size. Five minutes with the weekly ads, along with a few minutes cutting coupons can add up to big savings when you hit the grocery store. Think about it: why pay more for those things you are going to buy anyway? Just because you don’t have those few minutes to leaf through the paper?! Some grocery stores offer double coupons, up to 99 cents. So, for every 35 cent coupon, you actually save 70 cents. Truly, the interest on your average savings account can’t rival that kind of return on investment! And, if the product is on sale, that savings increases even more.

Cutting coupons is an easy concept that most don’t put to good use. Don’t be that person! Be a savvy shopper! Take the time every week to wield those twin blades cutting coupons, and scan the ads before you go to the store. The savings quickly add up. So, you still aren’t convinced it’s worth cutting coupons? Try doing the simple math. If you save $4 during your weekly shopping through coupons & grocery store sales, that’s a little over $200 dollars saved in a year. That’s money you can throw in your bank account, or put towards something fun – like tickets to a ballgame or concert. Now, where are those scissors?