Hosting A Neighborhood Swap Day

I’m tired of my toys, I want something new. I hate wearing the same old clothes over and over again. Honey I need a new golf club. Isn’t this how so many feel? Seems like less and less money is available for taking care of daily needs, let alone purchasing items we want. Here’s an idea that might satisfy everyones need for something different, yet you wont spend a dime getting it. How about hosting a neighborhood swap day.

The concept behind this event is to take all those items in your house that the family is tired of, (they need to be in good condition though) and let others shop your giveaways and vice versa. Much like a barter and trade system.

This could be anything from clothes, toys, outside equipment, dishes, pots and pans, sports equipment and so on. If it’s just laying around the house not being used, perhaps someone else could benefit from it. You’re keeping your home clutter free, but in the process you might be helping someone else out who is in need and in return someone else could be helping you out with your needs.

There is to be no money exchanged with this neighborhood swap, saving everyone from spending money on items they don’t have. Have each family on the block who wants to participate set up their garage or tables with the items they’ll be giving away.

You can, as a neighborhood, agree that each participant can take up to two items from each home participating in the swap. This way it gives everyone an opportunity to shop around and find things they might need for their home. When it comes to the clothes items, perhaps no more than three items per family member.

At the end of the day when everyone has had the opportunity to browse and gather, if items are still left over, let whoever wants it take it. If you find as a neighborhood you have quite a bit of accumulated stuff no one wants, call up the salvation army, or a woman’s shelter, even a shelter which provides clothing and items in times of disasters and ask if they take donations. This will save these centers money in times of need too.

When the daily grind is rough and money is tight, finding ways to get what you need or helping others out with what they need can be as easy as sharing what you have or they have. It’s a good way to support your community and fellow neighbors as well. Who knows this could be a yearly or bi-yearly event hosted by the neighborhood.

This is also a good way to partake in the green movement and learn how not to waste items which still have life in them. Keeping these things out of landfills, which eats slowly at peoples income for garbage control, could eventually revert money back into your own pocket.

Everyday people throw good things away which another could use. It’s a waste of hard earned money when this is done. If as a neighborhood items are saved for the swap day, then everyone has the potential of saving money on their needs and their wants.