Make the Most of Available Music

Not everyone can afford an iPod or other MP3 player and even if you can, the cost of music for them can get out of hand quickly. Depending on where you like to listen to music, you can access a wide variety of music options through your computer.

Windows Media Player

If your computer comes equipped with a CD ripper, you can load your favorite CDs, even borrow some from friends and family and make all sorts of playlists stored on your computer. If that computer happens to be a laptop, you can move from room to room and listen while you’re cooking, studying or even working out.


Libraries often have extensive CD collections. Some come from donations and others have been handled a lot so you may not always get the best quality. If you want to sample a CD before purchasing it or simply want to store a song or two, this may be a viable option.

Online Music

A number of sites offer free music. In many cases you can set preferences, make playlists, even chat with other listeners. Here are few you might want to listen to. – Start by entering the name of your favorite song or composer. The site will generate a radio station with songs similar to the one you selected, by the same or similar artist or composers. You can create up to 100 radio stations per account and it gives you option of excluding any pieces you don’t like. You can end up with quite the musical library at your disposal. – The site offers over 350 radio stations to choose from. You can hear entire CDs, download the free MP3 of the day and much more. – This site combine music and social networking for a unique experience. Type in the name of your favorite artist and it’ll play songs by that artist. It will also include songs recommended by other users who like the same artist. Make your own playlists, check out other people’s playlists and chat with other listeners.

Free Downloads

IN addition to getting a free download from each day, you can also check out the free collection available at They do not offer the latest tracks but with over 1000 songs to choose from and that “free” aspect, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Image Credit: hertermusiccenter