Smokes For Less

Whether it’s a bar, club, hospital grounds, or just being in the general vicinity of the public; smokers are finding it increasingly difficult to sneak a drag on their beloved cigarette stick. Did I mention the price? So, not only is location a factor but the insane taxes on these cigarettes have turned a relatively inexpensive pastime into an object that must be budgeted. Now, you may be one of many people that don’t smoke and therefore find this article irrelevant; however, for diehard nicotine addicts, especially those on medium to low income, scrounging cigarette money has become just as much a hassle as dealing with fuel prices.

But there is a light on the horizon. If you’ve not heard the buzz by now, you’ll be informed after reading this. The new and popular solution to smoking and smoking related mayhem is the electronic cigarette, sometimes dubbed the eCig. Big Tobacco has introduced to the masses a much healthier, cheaper, and socially accepted method to curb a smoker’s addiction. These nifty little devices look and feel like a real cigarette without the real dangers associated with the actual smoking.

The eCig comes with a laundry list of benefits that far outweigh predecessors of quit smoking methods. Previously mentioned was the difficulty in being able to smoke in public places. The eCig allows the user to puff on it, inhaling a smoke-like substance, typically a flavored water vapor, exhaling this vapor without harm to the user or anyone nearby. Because first and second hand toxins simply do not exist with the eCig, the device can be taken/used anywhere. So go ahead and take that puff while you’re having a drink at the bar. Not only is it perfectly legal, but the user won’t offend the other patrons. As for the price; well, just compare a typical pack of ordinary cigarettes at about $5 – $6 per pack versus a reusable eCig cartridge at about $15. Since each eCig cartridge replacement typically lasts 150 puffs, and replacement cartridges are next to nothing, $1- $2 on average, the eCig quickly pays for itself.

Okay, so it’s cost effective, it’s socially accepted, what else could you ask for? How about the fact that over 83% of users were able to stop smoking actual cigarettes within just a week or two. Another 16% were able to cut their regular smoking in half, and less than 1% found it not helpful.

In conclusion, if you are one of those smokers that smoke more out of habit than you do out of addiction, the eCig may be the solution. Since this article is intended for the thrifty, I’ll leave you with this final statistic to chew on. A pack a day smoker will spend roughly $1,825 per year on cigarettes, while someone who relies solely on the eCig will spend roughly $600, a third of what they would normally spend.