Coupon Mom Is the Coupon Clipper’s Best Friend

The beginning couponer will sit down with the Sunday paper and cut out any coupons that appeal to her. This may only take a few minutes. The more advanced coupon clipper knows that to make the most of her coupons she will need to match these up with in store sales. Doing the research involved to maximize this can be quite time consuming.

You could spend hours going from stare sales ad to store sales ad trying to see what is on sale and what you have coupons for. You will end up discouraged and throwing in the towel on coupon clipping. Fortunately there is a website that takes the frustration out of this process, Coupon Mom, Stephanie Nelson created the website to help shoppers make the most of using coupons and she has done a fabulous job.

When you sign up at the site – don’t worry, it’s free – you’ll be invited to watch some videos on how it works. I recommend that you do so you can get the most out of your experience there. If you want to skip the videos, go to the Grocery Deals by State tab first. Scroll through the list of grocery stores and drugstores to find those in your area. Click on one and you will be shown the sales items for that store. In addition, any coupons that have recently been issued for any of the items on sale and where you can find them will be displayed. You can see the coupon amount, the quantity you have to buy, the sale price and the price you pay after the coupon. Click on the individual items you are interested in and you print off a shopping list. All you after that is go to the source of coupon and cut it out.

You can go through this step for each store in your area that you want to shop at. While you are on each store’s tab, you can elect to receive an email whenever the sale items are updated. Now all you have to do each week is wait for the updated emails, review and select the items you want and just cut out those coupons. This can cut down the process considerably.

In addition to grocery and drugstore items, you can find coupons for restaurants and other online coupons resources. I have used the site for two years and am continually surprised by the updates regularly added to the site.