Free And Cheap Ideas For Summer Family Fun

Summer means most kids are out of school and families have free time to do fun things together. When you’re on a tight budget that can be challenging. There are a number of fun things I do with my family that cost little or nothing. Here are a few of our favorites.

Local Fireworks

Not everyone has this available but if you check around you might find something similar in your area. In my town, there is a minor league baseball team and during the summer they have fireworks on Friday nights after home games. Locals trek up to parking lots around the ball field to watch the lights show and it costs nothing except the gas to get there.

I can spend a few bucks on some ice cream or snow cones for my kids if I choose and it’s a fun outing for us all.

Cheap Water Fun

If you don’t have a swimming pool and don’t want to spend the time, gas and money to go to a public pool or beach, you can have some water fun at home. Save up food grade squeeze bottles (from ketchup, mustard, syrup and the like), rinse them out then fill with water. Throw on your bathing suits and go outside for some fun that’ll keep you cool when the sun is hot.

Free Bowling

Thanks to a friend, I signed up for free bowling for my family throughout the summer through a program called Kids Bowl Free. We only have to pay the cost of shoe rental and can bowl free every day throughout the summer. It’s great fun, wonderful exercise and best of all, it’s inexpensive.

Library Programs

Does your local library offer special programming during the summer? Mine does and it’s great fun for the kids. These programs are free, educational and promote reading and learning. Make a phone call to find out what your library offers and you might be surprised at the variety of programs that are available.

Check Around

Check your local newspaper and local tourist sites for free family events. State parks often have educational programs during the summer and even during the rest of the year. Many local organizations will also host family events and festivals during the summer months.

Family events don’t have to cost much or even anything if you know where to look. Do some investigating on your own and have a free and fun summer!