Frugal Griller

While browsing the internet for frugal ideas which haven’t already been beaten to death, I came across an interesting title on frugal grilling. Since it’s Summer and grilling will be on the agenda for so many, I thought I’d give it a go. So here are some frugal grilling tips your master griller might want to take into consideration.

If money is the reason you can’t afford to buy even an inexpensive grill, get creative and make your own. An old oven rack positioned over some cinder blocks in a cleared fire-free area will work nicely. You can use wood or charcoal bricks (which are inexpensive) and can roast hot-dogs or marshmallows nicely by grilling this way.

A person can even wrap potatoes in foil and throw them around the edges of the fire and let them bake for delicious baked potatoes and you can do corn on the cob the same way. Place foil over the oven rack and grill hamburgers or other meats on top of it.

There’s no reason to spend so much money on BBQ Sauce these days. One can find Kraft BBQ Sauces so inexpensively in stores, if you use a coupon or buy BBQ Sauce when it’s on sale with a coupon, you’re getting it for nearly nothing.

If you don’t want to use store bought then they can make their own. Here is what I do to make my own BBQ Sauce. I combine, mustard, honey, brown sugar, tomato sauce, a bit of salt, pepper, a pinch of Cheyenne and beer to make a flavorful BBQ Sauce. I usually don’t measure, but mix according to my taste.

Plan ahead for the BBQ when it comes to meat choices. Watch the sales ads and buy your meats ahead of time. A savvy shopper can get things like hot-dogs, hamburger, pork, and steaks for a fraction of the cost when they shop the sales. This is especially true when a holiday is coming up.

Of course you can always share the expense of a BBQing with others. So invite guest and have them bring something to add towards the BBQ. When you grill and have guest, the expense can be minimal if everyone pitches in. Someone can bring potato salad, another drinks, a few can bring meats, some can bring bread and so on.

One of the best Savvy tips any griller needs to abide by is to keep your meats cool, especially when kept outside. Summer isn’t to be trifled with. The heat can spoil meats and anything with egg, onions, and mayo quickly, so keep them on ice or in a cool area. Save yourself some health bills by not letting your food spoil in the heat.

Another Savvy idea for the griller is to keep your drinkable selections to drinks that will keep your guest hydrated. Water, Gatorade, and Tea are some great options. These are mostly inexpensive and will set well on stomachs in the heat.

Finally when it comes to paper products, throw away cups and disposable utensils, use your regular housewares if you can. Yes there will be dish washing involved afterwards, but you’ll not have to purchase these things. Such things as these can be costly when grilling out.

So go ahead and enjoy the Summer and grilling. Plan ahead when you can, use coupons and be creative. You’ll then have a great and inexpensive BBQ that will impress your guest.