Recycling which earns you money

It isn’t a wonder our wonderful plant works better when we stop filling landfills and garbage sites with trash. One of the best ways to keep this planet healthy is to recycle. Recycling gives everyone the opportunity to learn how to reuse things, even earn a bit of money on certain products companies themselves will recycle.  Here are some suggestions you might like to try to not only recycle, but earn a bit of pocket change in the process.

Recycling which pays you:

Many recycle centers will accept certain metals and glasses to be re-purposed for other uses, so the next time you get ready to throw these things away stop and look to see if they are recyclable. Some of these glasses and metals are:

Soda cans
Soda glass bottles
gold jewelry
white gold

At times some recycle centers will accept silver depending on the type of smelting process they use. Because it is harder to separate the impurities in silver and the pollution to recycle silver is greater, a lot of companies wont recycle. Be sure to call ahead and ask if that company accepts silver for recycling. Too silver doesn’t earn as much as gold.

Recycling which saves you money:

Many grocery stores recycle their plastic bags. They’ll have a box set up at the front most times if they recycle. This will cut down on the amount of plastics which goes into your garbage, saving you a few dollars on your garbage pickup. Too, you might consider purchasing supermarkets reusable grocery bags, these are inexpensive, costing most times a dollar or two. By using reusable bags you’re doing your part in keeping plastics out of garbage dumps, and you’re once again cutting down on the cost of garbage pick up.

If you purchase water from a grocery store, think about using their in store water re-filler systems. This allows the consumer the ability to reuse those plastic gallon water containers, cutting the cost of water buying exponentially.  There wont be a need to purchase the smaller bottles, by the dozens, if you buy your water this way, and you’re cutting down the plastic traffic which goes into landfills and sometimes our oceans.

If one puts into practice these recycling methods, you’ll cut down on your carbon foot print left on this plant, but you’ll also save yourself money. Most everyone can use a little bit of pocket change these days. It all adds up in the end.