Spruce up your yard the frugal way

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at beautiful manicured yards? Maintaining such a yard can cost lots of money, but don’t think you can’t have a beautiful yard because of cost. There are ways to achieve a beautiful yard the frugal way.

Shop for cheaper and colorful yard plants:

Most nurseries, mass merchandisers, even smaller grocery stores have plants they’ve reduce for one reason or another. Usually they’ll be set away from the main sections of other outdoor plants and flowers. Just browse the outdoor areas or ask where such plants are put.

You’re going to pay 50% or 75% less for these flowers and plants. The good thing about purchasing plants and flowers this way is, many times they merely need to be re-potted, watered, and fertilized. Even better still, if you’re planting in ground they’ll have room to flower.

You’ve now added color to your yard, without a lot of cost, and it will contrast well against your other frugal ideas you’ve incorporated into your yard.

Mulches and straws:

Now to make those colors pop more, you can add inexpensive mulch or straw around your plants and flowers. It isn’t necessary to use the most expensive types like cedar, because you can achieve a beautiful layout by using pine mulch or straw. For less than three dollars a bag most times, your yard will have that added curb appeal.

If you find a bargain with other mulches and straws and they’re comparable to the price of pine, then by all means use them if that is your choice. The goal is to have a yard which pops without all the cost others might pay to have for theirs.

Shop end of season sales:

You wont believe the money you save shopping out of season sales. Flowers and plants go on sale and you have a plethora to choose from. Designate a warm and well lit place in your home as a nursery and grow these plants indoors for the following planting season. You’ll have gorgeous plants and flowers waiting and even though you’ll need to house them until their planting time, you’ve saves lots of money by doing this.

Too, you can always plant perennial flowers. These flowers grow back year after year and you’re certainly getting your monies worth by planting perennials. If you shop for cheaper perennials you’ll even save more.

Lawn items:

Each season sees mark downs on outside lawn equipment. Take the time to notice when your stores do this. If you’re in the market for lawn furniture, birdbaths, paving stones, gardening equipment, shop seasonal sales. You’ll be ready for next summer and you’ll be able to rival any neighbors yard, but you’ll do it the frugal way and save in the process.