The Checkbook Diet

If you have trouble with your food budget, your eating habits could be to blame. Obesity is most definitely a problem in our country, and theres about a million and one ways advertised to take care of that. However, aside from those with serious eating disorders, a little discipline can take the place of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or whoever else promises to get you skinny for a price. You spend hundreds on food every month; then when the dust settles, you’re paying someone else to remedy all that you’ve eaten. Instead, it’s time to put that checkbook on a diet.

First of all, if you have a serious eating disorder, simple discipline isn’t going to make much difference. In this instance, professional help is recommended over attempting to change habits on your own. On the other hand, if you are more of a binge eater than a compulsive eater, some simple steps can be taken to reduce your grocery bill over time.

Start by preparing your own meals. I can say from experience that it can be tough to reduce portions. If you’re used to cooking for many people, and then the number of people in your household reduces, you may find it difficult to slim down the size of the meal. This, fortunately, is just a habit; a habit that can be broken. It just takes time and practice. Ultimately, you want to get to the point that when you have a meal, you can finish it without still feeling hungry or feeling stuffed. Once you get the hang of that, plan your meals in advance. In advance means, before you even go to the store. Make a list, get what you need for each meal, and get out. This will cut down impulse buying. Make the meal and portion it out. Say there’s only two of you and a recipe makes more than two servings. This is where storage containers and baggies come in real handy. Refrigerate or freeze anything unused for a later date.

If you’ve done it right, also paying attention to fat content, carbs, and what not; both you and your checkbook should reap the benefits. As for sudden cravings or binge eating, try waiting it out or nibbling some crackers. Cravings are usually only temporary, so try and hold off running to the store. Attacks of the grumbellies can typically be warded off with something light and absorbent such as crackers. No need to empty out the fridge.

So, how is this a checkbook diet? Easy; by watching not only what you eat and how much you eat, in addition to adhering to the grocery list, you’ll find as you get thinner, your spending will too. Lastly, ditch the expensive diet programs; stop paying for laxatives and heartburn pills, and gastric bypass surgery. The price of overeating is way too costly.