Backyard Bars

It’s not uncommon in our society to “tie one off” at the local bar after a hard day’s work. After all, we deserve a wind down to the daily stress. And though we know buying alcohol from a convenient store is cheaper than going to the bar, many of us visit the pub anyway. Studies show Americans can save up to 50% of money spent on alcohol if that alcohol is not purchased at a bar. So, do we go to the bar for the atmosphere? Perhaps it’s the networking with friends and colleagues we crave. What if you could have the bar atmosphere at home with store-bought liquor prices? You can, and doing so will finally put an end to that money vampire known as the pub.

Turn any backyard into a bar. A little landscaping, a little lighting, a little music, and your own booze, can attract both you and your friends to a short getaway. Don’t have a backyard? Not to worry, with some easy tips, you too can have a bar to entertain as well.

Start with a prime location. This can be a den or your back patio or out in the grass. You’ll need some kind of table to serve as your bar. Optimally, you want a place to store your alcohol behind the bar. If all else fails, you can make a bar from scratch. There’s no need to make it extravagant; however, if you want to you can. If you’re doing this setup in your yard, make sure you consider local weather conditions so that your bar can stand the test of time. This includes sealing, covering, and etcetera. Also, you want the plant life your yard to be tame. Obviously, if you’re going to entertain, you want the space neat and impressive. Take into account using candles and insect repellants. Think about how many tables and chairs you’ll need. Since alcohol is involved, keep the entire setting fenced in or otherwise enclosed.

For lighting, nothing sets the mood more than soft Christmas lights. The small white ones give a certain ambiance, like starlight. Then, vines (real or fake) work well to cover the wires. From there, you can put out a radio for some tunes. If you’re doing an inside bar, rope lights work better than the Christmas ones. Simply place the ropes under the bar lip and under tables.

If you’ve taken your time to do things rights, then you’ve created your own backyard or inside bar that you and your friends can enjoy and whoever else you invite. After that, it’s just a matter of playing host and mixing the drinks.

Just to forewarn, this project will take a lot of time. Take your time gathering materials; there is no rush. Have friends, who will eventually partake in using the bar, assist in the materials, such as contributing to the booze. In the end, it’ll be worth the wait. And the time you spend partying at home will save you tons from avoiding the pubs.

One last thing… to keep the energy interesting, spice things up with a karaoke night, or have a bonfire, a cookout, or select a different party theme for each gathering. One cool idea is to have each attendee bring their own mixed drink creation, like a martini potluck. The possibilities are endless.

Image Credit: Backyard City