Creating A “Homeschool Station” For Cheap

If you are like me, and homeschool your little ones, you know it’s hard to create that perfect spot. I’ve discovered a way to create a “Homeschool Station” for really cheap, that will not only keep you organized, it will be exciting and functional.

One afternoon, I was sitting here looking at all of the bins scattered around labeled “Homeschool.” The bins were okay, but they seemed to make the place look cluttered, and even though they were labeled, I often had a hard time finding what I was looking for. And the Homeschool station idea came about!

First thing I knew I needed, was an old dresser (I found a cute one on craigslist, that was perfect). This dresser had several drawers that were large enough to hold the supplies.

As functional as it was, it was ugly as could be. I looked around my house, trying to find the perfect spot for it. When I located a wall to put it against in my living room, that narrowed down what color I should paint it. I ran off to the home improvement store and bought some paint, brushes and cheap new knobs. I came home, and put down the first coat of paint. Once it had dried, I labeled the drawers on the dresser, using a stencil, and paint that matched the accent colors of my living room. I created a drawer for “Teacher”…aka ME, one for each of my girls, one for supplies, and one for projects.

The dresser looked adorable. I loaded up the drawers. Workbooks, pencil boxes, and reading books went into each of the girls drawers. My plan book, grade book, and tests all went into my drawer. Art supplies went into the “Supplies” drawer, learning projects, and other school tools, went into the “Project” drawer. Everything was sorted, and easy to find.

When school starts, each girl goes to her drawer and pulls out her workbooks, and other items needed for the day. We do our schooling, and then the items are easily stored in the homeschool station. No more cluttered bins, and searching for certain items. The fact that it’s been painted to match our decor, makes it a fantastic conversation piece as well.

This entire project cost me about $12, and I can honestly say that those $12 were one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Image Credit: themorristribe