Tips For Getting Organized

It happens to the best of us. We wake up one morning and look around and it looks like a tornado went through our house. The path of toys, clothes and just clutter has been there, but this morning you woke up and realized that you NEEDED to get a handle on it. Here is a simple to follow way to get your home back, and make it easier to maintain.

Step 1: Make a list

Now some of us are pen and paper, people. Other’s are all digital. Write it down… type it up… it doesn’t matter, just get it on paper, so to speak. Write down each room in your house. Under each room, write down Toss, Keep, Donate at the very top! Now write down everything you want to accomplish in that room. Do you want to swap out the sheets? Write it down! Do you want to fill those push pin holes? Write it down! Have you been meaning to go through all of those clothes? WRITE IT DOWN!!

Be as detailed as possible!

Now on your list, designate days to tackle each room. Take a week or two…or even a month, to schedule everything. By splitting the rooms up, it won’t seem overwhelming!

Step 2: Getting started

You have your list! Now get up, and get started. Follow the Keep, Toss and Donate rule! Line up three bins/boxes, and put things to keep (But belong in another room), in the “Keep” box. Things that are broken, or are trash, in the “Toss” bin. Last but not least, anything that is still usable, but not for you, toss into the “Donate” box!

Go through your list and get that room exactly how you want it. When the room is done, take each bin and do what the bin tells you to. Return the “Keep” items to the proper spot. Throw away the “Toss” items. Box up the donate items and donate them! My tip for this… as soon as you have the donate items boxed up, take them straight to goodwill or a local shelter. If you don’t, there’s a chance that some of those items will somehow manage to find their way back into the house.

Repeat for all rooms!

Step 3: Maintain

Now this is the most important step! You’ve worked very hard to get your home under control! Do NOT let it take over again. If you are short on time, do a 10 minute sweep. Grab a laundry basket and walk around your house. Grab misplaced things, and toss them in the basket. Call for your spouse, and your kids, and have them grab what belongs to them, and put it away. You do the same. In total, it should only take 20 -30 minutes a day to maintain your new “Tornado-Free” home!

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