Fun Birthday Themes

Costume Parties

These are not only fun, it gives you a chance to get your creative juices flowing. Decide on a costume theme, or let it be a free for all. If you go with a free for all, decorating can be as cheap as you’d like. You can buy a variety of decorations, create a variety of food, and go crazy on the cake. Since there isn’t a theme, you can buy a variety of different themed items…basically, anything you find on clearance can be used. This goes for foods as well. Serve what you have on hand. This is cheap and easy for you, but your guests will think it was all part of the free for all theme.

Prince or Princess Parties

Boys and girls can enjoy this “Royal” event. You can have them create their own crowns with construction paper. This will give the kids a fun way to use their imagination, and something fun to take home. Create a royal cake from basic boxed cake, and ice cream cones. Use the cones as pillars. Decorate with cheap sprinkles, raisins or candies. Let your imagination run wild. I’m telling you that NOTHING means more to a child than knowing that Mom or Dad spent time making their special birthday cake.

Spy Theme

My girls thought this was the coolest thing ever and it was very cheap. I saved up toilet paper rolls, small raisin boxes, milk caps and I spent a few hours turning them into “Spy Gadgets.” I also went to the $1 store and picked up some extra-large t-shirts, cut down the middle of the front, and turned them into little trench coats for all of the kids. I gave each of them “A case” (which was a mystery written down inside of a file folder), and they had a blast trying to solve the case.

Monster Theme

It doesn’t have to be Halloween time to create a fun Monster party. As a matter of fact, you can load up on REALLY cheap Halloween décor, after Halloween, and save it for an upcoming birthday party. We did this for our girls this last year. They LOVE, “Monster high” Dolls. I picked up a TON of great stuff at the Halloween clearance sales and turned our home into a fantastic Monster Hall. I had great costumes for the girls and the food was all “Creepy” themed. Spider cookies made from Oreos and licorice strings. Peeled grapes for eyeballs. You get the idea.

Pirates and Treasure Hunt

This can be a costume type party. You can make eye patches out of string and construction paper. You can pick up some cheap fabric with stripes and turn it into a cheap little belt. I gave each child a treasure map, and a partner. They followed the map and it took them to a red “X” that had little goodies for them.

Creating a cheap party can be really simple; it just requires a little planning. 🙂

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