Halloween Money Savers

I’ve always noticed that most “Holiday Money Saving” articles, are written about Christmas. Not many focus on the other holiday’s that tend to get a little expensive. Halloween being one of them. You might be thinking, “How much can you really save on Halloween?” I’m here to tell you, when you start adding up the expenses of candy, costumes, parties for the kids….you can end up spending an arm and a leg.

Here are a few money saving tips to help you keep control of Halloween spending…

Watch For Those Candy Coupons

Around this time of year, you can find several. Saving a few dollars on candy, may seem like chump change right now, but in combination with the following tips, it will start to really add up.

Make Your Own Costumes

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be Mr. or Mrs. “Super Creative.” It just requires a little planning. Check out some of the “Do It Yourself” sites, and follow the directions. You can EASILY save $40-$50 on costumes for the kids. I make the costumes for my girls EVERY year. I do it for two reasons. The first year, it was to save money. Now it’s to save money and because they love Mommy’s costumes better than any store bought one. 😉 They watch me make the costume, and actually have some input. They LOVE this!

Make Your Own Party Favors, Decorations And Goodie Bags

I shared this idea with my readers and they were a hit. When you are having a kid’s Halloween party, instead of spending a fortune on the little goodie bag fillers, let them make their own. This saves you money, gives the kids something fun to do, and builds fun memories.

For the goodie bags, I pick up a pack of those brown or white lunch bags. The first thing they can do is decorate their very own bag. Pull out the pens, crayons and stickers. Step 2, is to set up a few little craft stations. I pull out all of my scrap craft supplies, and start brainstorming. One station can be a spooky bookmark, one can be create your own scary story, and another can be mini ghosts or ghost pops. Savings… at least $20-$30.

Saving money will require a little of your time, but think of it this way…. you’re saving a nice chunk of money, and can you imagine how special your children will feel? 🙂 Win-win!

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