It’s Not About Cutting Out All Stress, It’s About Controlling It

The new year is approaching, and what better way to start fresh, than to start de-stressing your life. I have put together several steps to take, to do just that.

When you start to get a handle on stress, your life will improve before your eyes. Your energy levels will increase. You sex life will improve. Your productivity will double! All of these are fantastic reasons to get control of the stress… BUT the best one, by far is that the less stress in your life, the healthier you are!

Here are some areas to get started. No excuses! You can find the time, if you really want to.

Step one

Make time for play! Spend an hour each day, playing. Now this can be running around the playground with your kids. Baking your favorite cake, reading, anything that you find enjoyable. No matter what, make time. it’s only an hour, and WELL worth the time investment. You will return to your regular daily activities, feeling refreshed.

Step two

Say “No” sometimes! I’ll be the first to admit that I am a people pleaser, BUT I finally took the steps to say “NO!” every once in awhile when I knew I already had a full plate. This helps reduce stress, and avoids stress on relationships. Believe it or not 9/10 times, people completely understand.

Step three

Understand that you can never get rid of all stresses. This is life, that we are talking about. Things happen, and guess what… some stress, is actually good for us! It creates a sharper mind, longer life and works as a stimulant. The trick is to deal with it. It’s always going to be there, just don’t let it take over.

Step four

Stop procrastinating! One of the leading causes of stress is procrastination. Getting things done right away will cute your stress drastically. Plus it will end up leaving you a lot more time for fun. No wasted time worrying about a project, when the project is already completed.

Step five

Find a little place of your own, even if just for 15 minutes a day. It may be your garden. It may be in the bathroom. It may be on the front patio right after the kids fall asleep. Giving yourself a little quiet time to reflect, helps you deal with those everyd day stresses, and think clearly.

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