Do It Yourself Ideas – Re-purpose Rags

by Amy J

Rag Quilts

Rag Quilts are a great gift item. All fabrics will need to be flannel.

Choose a solid color fabric for the back of the quilt; this color will outline the squares on the front. Next, choose two to four colors for the front of the quilt. There is a wide variety of patterns in flannel material. Disney patterns are great for children. 

For the next step, you will need a sewing machine and thread. A cutting board and cutter will also come in handy. Each block should be cut into 6×6 inch squares.

Measurements for a pre-k nap quilt:

You will need 81 blocks for the back. If you are using two colors for the front, you will need 40 blocks in one color and 41 blocks in the second color. If you are using four colors, you will need 20 blocks for the first three colors and 21 blocks for the fourth color.

Once the blocks are cut, place a back block with each front block, wrong sides together. Then, sew a diagonal line from one corner to the next. Once all blocks are sewn in this manner, place wrong sides together, once again, and sew a half inch seam. Repeat this step until the quilt is completely sewn together. Next, you will need to sew a half inch margin around the entire outside of the quilt. Then, you will need to take a pair of snips, and cut slits in all of the seams. Take care not to cut the thread. Once you are finished, put the quilt in the washer and dryer. It will have a ragged look that is unique and beautiful.

Homemade Potholders

You will need batting, a sewing machine, and thread for this project. First, select the material for your potholder. Next, cut two 6×6 inch squares of material and one 6×6 inch square of batting. Place the right sides of both fabric blocks together. Then, place the batting square on top of the two blocks. Sew around the edges using a quarter inch seam allowance, leaving a small opening for turning the blocks. Now, place your hand inside the opening, and pull the fabric through the hole. Sew up the opening to the hole. Now, you have a very unique potholder.

Hand Puppets

First, print an outline of an animal or other cute kid’s character. Trace front outline and back outline onto two separate pieces of felt. Place the pieces together, right sides facing one another. Sew around the pieces with a quarter inch seam allowance, leaving the bottom open. Turn the finished piece inside out. Now, let your child decorate his or her puppet. Children will love playing with a puppet they designed themselves, and it’s a cheap toy for mom to make.

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