Nab a Free BJs Trial Membership

BJs Trial Membership

Keeping up with the groceries can be a daunting task, especially with larger families. One great way to get more for your dollar and to make less frequent trips to the grocery store is with a members-only wholesale warehouse club. With leading brands, fresh foods, and great savings, BJs wholesale club has become one of the leading operators of membership warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States. Right now, you can find deals for a BJs trial membership.

Membership is open to all consumers aged 18 and over, and all businesses are welcome. Members can use in-club or online BJs coupons for even more savings. If not a member look for offers for a free BJs trial membership. A BJs free trial membership is offered periodically throughout the year. Be sure to check your local store and inquire about a 2 month BJs trial membership. If you can’t wait for the 2 month trial membership, BJs offers a one-day pass here.

When shopping at wholesale warehouse clubs there are a few things to remember so that you don’t get carried away! With so much to choose from in large quantities, it is easy to fill up a shopping cart (or two or three!).

Do Not Buy Things Just Because the Price is Good

Avoid bulk purchases of perishable items at warehouse clubs unless you have enough people in your house to eat them.

Don’t buy oversized condiments. Unless you run a restaurant or are preparing for a party or cookout that gallon jar of mayonnaise is too much! Condiments only have a shelf-life of about 6 months. And don’t buy bulk on items that you don’t use regularly, such as spices and olive oil.

Shop for produce at your local grocery store! Supermarket prices drop when fruits and vegetables are in season, whereas warehouse club produce prices tend to remain about the same.

Shop with a List

Just like your normal grocery shopping always shop with a list. This will help you to avoid impulse purchases. When buying unexpected or unneeded items your bill at the checkout line will shock you.

Certain Items are Found Cheaper Elsewhere

Buy DVD, CD’s, and books online. It’s tempting to buy these in the store when it’s right in front of you but these items can be found online for 15-20% cheaper.

Clothing and shoes. These items are often a lower quality than in department stores. Shop with caution.

Also be sure to check your local supermarket sales. Combined with coupons these deals can be better than those found at a warehouse.