Free Arbor Day Crafts for National Arbor Day

Arbor Day Crafts

Today is Arbor Day! National Arbor Day is always observed on the last Friday in April. However some states observe Arbor day on different dates due to the varying times that are best for tree planting in their region. Arbor Day was founded by J. Sterling Morton back in 1872 with a simple idea – take one day out of the year and devote it to planting a tree. A century later this idea is more important than ever. Why not support this holiday with free Arbor Day Crafts?

There are many ways that you can celebrate National Arbor Day without actually planting a tree. You can choose a park or public area to clean up. Learn about tree pruning, tree selection, and tree identification. Or just go for a hike and take in the beauty of your wooded areas. But one great idea is create Arbor Day crafts using natural materials.

Woodcarving tree crafts, pottery, cornhusk dolls, pinecone wreaths, pressed flowers, and dried flower arrangements are some examples of Arbor Day crafts. Below are just a few Arbor Day craft ideas for you and your family.

Family Tree Crafts – Children love to learn about where their family roots started. This is a great way to visually show them your family lineage.

1) Family Tree Branch: Find a twig that has a lot of branches. Next cut big leaves out of green construction paper. Have your child write the name of someone in your family on each leaf. Punch a hole in each leaf and tie it to a branch. Your child’s generation should be at the top, then the parents in the middle level, and grandparents at the bottom. Finally, place a lump of clay or Playdough in the bottom of a small pot or cup, and insert the twig so that it remains upright and sturdy. You now have a Family Tree!

2) Paper Family Tree: Very similar to the Family Tree Branch activity. First draw a large tree with a lot of branches. Next cut out large leaves from green construction paper. On each leaf write a family member’s name. Glue each leaf to a branch, with the youngest members at the top and the oldest at the roots.

Bird Feeder – Easy to make and suitable for young children.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder: Mix together 1/2 cup of vegetable shortening, lard, or suet with 2 1/2 cups of cornmeal or uncooked oats until it is well blended. Cover the pine cone in the mixture and then roll the it in the birdseed. Tie the string to the top of the pine cone and hang it from a tree branch. You now have a natural bird feeder!

Picture Frame – Simple frame made from twigs.

Twig Frame: Collect a bunch of twigs. About 6-8 twigs should be about 2 inches loner than the photo that you are going to use. Arrange the twigs so that they surround your photo and extend about an inch past the photo edge in each direction. Tie the twigs at the corners using twine or string using an “X” pattern. Glue the photo to the back of your twig frame. Then tie or glue a string to the top for hanging.