Savings Tips on Passover Crafts: 10 Plagues and Passover Crafts

Passover is an important religious holiday, especially in Judaism. But making sure that children understand the weight and importance that Passover holds can be challenging. Try to make the learning process as fun and interactive as you can without sacrificing the strong spiritual lessons you want them to gain. That’s why I decided to focus on these family friendly Passover crafts10 Plagues and Passover Crafts

There are plenty of Jewish crafts and Passover crafts for kids, but why pay for them if you can have them for free? The 10 Plagues and Passover crafts listed below are not only free Passover crafts, but they’re a fun way for your children to discuss and learn more about this sacred holiday. Happy Passover!

10 Plagues and Passover Crafts:

Horde of Frogs

The second plague had Egypt overrun by frogs from the Nile River. For this activity you want to make a dozen frog heads out of a used egg carton. Cut off each cup from the milk carton. Place upside down and paint or color each one green. Draw or glue on eyes, and add four legs onto each out of green construction paper. Leave the opening of each cup (the frog’s mouth) unobstructed. Now you can stack all of the frogs on top of one another and make them “multiply” by unstacking!

Plague Poster

Take a large sheet of paper and divide it into 10 sections, decorating each in correspondence to one of the ten plagues. Each section can be done simply with drawings, such as a red river for the Nile River turning to blood. If you want to be a little creative you can glue objects onto the poster. For instance, glue cow or sheep toys down to represent the fifth plague, which is diseased livestock.

Plague Shoebox Dioramas

Use old shoeboxes to depict scenes that represent the plagues. For example you can use Lego characters and surround them with small pieces of green paper for frogs or tiny pieces of styrofoam for hail. This is an especially good project for older kids as you can really be creative. These could even be used for Passover decorations in the future!

Passover Door

The tenth and worst plague was the death of the first-born child of each family. The Israelites were warned by God to paint their front door with the blood of a slaughtered lamb so that death would “pass over” their houses. You recreate this by creating a small doorway out of popsicle sticks and painting them with red paint. Another option is to cut out a piece of red construction paper and place it on a door in the house.