International Workers Day and May Day Events

May Day Events
Triumph of Labor

May 1st is both May Day and International Workers Day. On May 1, 1886 half a million workers went on strike and held rallies in the United States. Many workers lost their lives fighting for the basic rights of workers that we now take for granted.

With all of the social unrest going on today, now more than ever we need to remember that all lives matter! Peaceful protests are the key to bringing awareness and initiating social discourse on unfair practices. Across the country today there are several events honoring this special day. Be sure to look up any events that may be going on in your community.

Below is a list of free events happening in major cities across the country. Just remember that being a face in the crowd can make a statement but raising your fist in anger can erase what so many have sacrificed their lives for. Organizing in a peaceful and non-violent manner is at the heart of what these May Day events stand for.

Los Angeles, Ca May Day Events:

  • May Day Coalition March and Resource Fair Full Rights March. Friday May 1st at 3 pm beginning at Chinatown gates at Cesar Chaves and Broadway.
  • Boyle Heights Community March. Friday May 1st at 4 pm beginning at Soto and First.
  • Union del Barrio March in MacArthur Park. Friday May 1st at 4 pm in MacArthur Park.

Philadelphia, Pa May Day Events:

New York City, NY International Workers Day Events:

  • The May 1st Coalition for Workers and Immigrant Rights. Friday May 1st at 3:30 pm @ Union Square, 14th Street and Broadway, Manhattan.

Miami, FL May Day Events:

Chicago, IL May Day Events: