Frugal Fourth of July Savings Tips!

We all know that holiday celebrations can get expensive quickly. I have compiled a list of last minute savings tips to help you have a frugal fourth of July!

1. Take advantage of fourth of July sales. Many stores are running incredible sales on clothing, household items, and food. Stock up while you can save money!

2. Shop right AFTER the holiday. Many holiday items are discounted even after the independence day sales end. You can get decorations for next year!

4th of july
Happy Independence Day from Sample Stuff!

3. Use the internet to find out where you can watch free fireworks! Many communities offer free fireworks displays. Sometimes they also have activities for families to take part in. If you go to this website, you can order fireworks for sale online free shipping!

4. Have a celebration where every guest brings a dish. This will help you save money, and it will add variety to the spread! You also won’t be overwhelmed preparing all the food yourself.

5. Get supplies and decorations at stores such as Dollar Tree or Dollar General. Some of these stores accept coupons so you can save a little extra money.

6. If you are hosting a large celebration, buy your food and supplies in bulk to save money. If your local grocery store is running a fourth of July sale, you could take advantage and buy large quantities. If not, you can head to a wholesale stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club to get discounted items in bulk.

7. Plan your fourth of July meals around seasonal produce. You will pay more if you use items that are out of season. Plus, tons of great fruits and vegetables are in season right now!

8. Enjoy all the free activities your community is offering! If your particular community does not have any fun, family friendly activities going on, the communities around you may. Take advantage of them!

I hope these frugal holiday tips helped you think of some ways to save money this fourth of July!