Grandparents Day Gifts to Make with Your Kids!

Grandparents Day is on Sunday (September 13). It is a great day to let your grandparents know just how much they mean to you. Sure, you can buy a card or a gift, but why not make Grandparents Day gifts yourself? We have compiled a list of fun, FREE gifts, activities, and cards for Grandparents Day.

Check out these DIY Gifts for Grandparents

Grandparents Day Gifts
Source: Delicate Constructions

Here is a simple DIY Grandparents Day gift that children can make courtesy of Delicate Constructions. Just print out the sweet Grandparents Day poem (or write your own) and have your children put their hand prints beside the poem. This gift is sweet and easy to make!

This puzzle piece frame makes a great gift for Grandparents Day or even fr Mothers Day or Fathers Day. This DIY gift is easy to make and very thoughtful. You just need a few supplies. Kids can definitely help with this gift.

If your grandparents enjoy gardening, this is the perfect gift for them! Stamp a pair of gardening gloves and pair them with a packet of seeds. Voila! Inexpensive, and fun for the kids to work on. This is another gift that could be given for Mothers Day or Fathers Day.

Are your grandparents golf pros? If so, we have got a great gift idea for them! Custom painted golf tees! This is another quick, inexpensive gift that makes a great Grandparents Day present. If you want to be pun-y, put them in a bag and attach a “You are Tee-rific” tag!

This is a super simple Grandparents Day craft- homemade grandparent awards! You just need a few inexpensive materials to make this sweet craft. This is an easy gift for a child to create. You can make this gift even more special by listing some things about grandpa and grandma that make them #1 grandparents!