Where to Get Cheap Halloween Candy

Cheap Halloween Candy
Source: Dollar Tree

If you live in a neighborhood full of young children, you can anticipate needing a copious amount of holiday candy to hand out on Halloween. Also, if you are throwing a Halloween party you may need a large quantity of candy. Buying candy can get rather expensive pretty quickly. Why not save money and get cheap Halloween candy! Check out these websites and stores that sell cheap bulk Halloween candy.

Oriental Trading Halloween candy can be purchased in bulk and is relatively cheap. They have many varieties and combinations of cheap bulk candy to choose from. For example, you can get a bag of 66 Slime Balls Bubble Gumballs for $2.88. They also have a Hershey’s Greats Mix of 105 pieces of candy for $14.98.

Costco candy can be reasonably priced depending what you buy and how much you need. For example, Costco chocolate may be a bit more expensive than Costco gumballs. They do offer a variety of bulk candy, so shop around to find the best bargain.

Dollar Tree may not have bulk candy, but they have smaller packs of candy for only $1.00. They also have movie theater sizes boxes of candy for only $1.00.

Walmart sells a variety of cheap Halloween candy bulk. For example, you can get a 220 count Hershey Bars Mix set for $19.84. You can also get 48 Fun Dip pouches for only $4.65. Or, you could get an 80 count Lifesavers, Skittles, and Starburst variety pack for $6.98.

Candy Warehouse also sells bulk Halloween candy. They do not have the lowest prices, but they have the most variety and most unique selection. For example, you can get a 5 pound bag of licorice skulls for $29.50. Or, you could get a bag of 50 Chocolate Googly Foiled Eyes for $5.00