Check Out These Ultra Frugal, DIY Seed Starter From A Toilet Roll

Seed Starter
Source: Life Hack

Check Out These Ultra Frugal, DIY Seed Starter From A Toilet Roll

Spring is in full bloom! If you have not already begun to plant your flowers and veggies, now is definitely the time to do so! Today, we have some tips to help you cultivate your garden on a budget. There are many ways to do DIY garden projects at a low cost. Sometimes, you can even use household items to create these budget garden ideas. Did you know you can create a seed starter from a toilet paper roll!

To create your toilet paper roll seed starter, you need to take one end of a toilet paper roll and cut strips along the end. Then, fold the strips over so that they overlap. Once you have created your base, fill the tube with moistened soil. Don’t fill the roll to the top- leave approximately 1/2 inch of space for the seeds to grow. Plant one seed per toilet paper roll. Don’t let the soil become too dry! After approximately 2 to 4 weeks, you will need to plant the entire toilet paper plant pod in a larger pot. The roll will degrade over time and allow the plant and its roots to expand as needed. Be sure to save the toilet paper rolls throughout the winter in anticipation of spring!

Here are some other DIY garden tips to keep your costs down: purchase gardening supplies and accessories at a local dollar store. This can help you save big on seeds, pots, soil, garden decorations, tools and more. Stores such as Dollar Tree sell seed packets at a discounted price! For example, you can purchase 4 seed packets for only $1.00 (and the seed packets typically cost $0.99 per pack!) You may also be able to save by buying in bulk. Local nurseries may sell plants in bulk or at a bargain if you purchase several at once.

Happy gardening!