DailyBreak Special Kotex Freebie Tampon Sample Offers!


DailyBreak Special Kotex Sample Freebie Offers!

Ladies, did you know that DailyBreak has teamed up with Kotex to offer you FREE tampon sample deals! Why are these samples so great? There are several reasons! It is nice to “try before you buy” especially with a product like tampons. Taking advantage of this freebie offer allows you to try these U by Kotex sample products out without having to purchase them first. We all have that friend who always seems to be unprepared for her period and hits you up for supplies. While sharing is nice, we all know that feminine hygiene products are expensive! Keep these FREE tampon samples on hand for the friend who is chronically unprepared for aunt flo’s visit. You can even give the sample packs out to your friends!

So, how do you go about getting these DailyBreak tampon freebies? Just fill out a form to request your samples, complete a fun quiz, and be entered in a drawing to win a $200 Walmart gift card! You get to select the type of tampons you want to try.

That time of the month is NEVER fun, but freebies like these make it a little better. Don’t you agree? You will have have access to info on the latest deals and specials from Kotex.