The Best FREE Apps on Amazon for Week 1 of June 2016!


Check out these awesome and extremely popular FREE Amazon apps that you can download right to your phone or other mobile device. These free apps will certainly jeep you entertained!

The Best FREE Apps on Amazon of the Week (Week 1 June 2016)!

  • Colorfy Coloring Book for Adults is a fun app to have on your phone if you enjoy coloring and being creative. This app will keep you preoccupied especially during those times when you are bored and need to kill time.
  • Guess The Song is a challenging game that is perfect for any music lover! The goal of the app is to guess what song clip is being played based on the snippet of music and the photo that goes along with it.
  • Trivia Crack is an addicting trivia game that challenges your knowledge! Answer questions based on 6 different categories. This app has excellent reviews on Amazon and has won awards.
  • Candy Crush Saga is a top app that everyone loves to play! You can play over 100 different levels, so you will not get bored playing this app anytime soon! Each time you complete a level you unlock new items.
  • If you enjoy watching Family Feud on TV, you will definitely the fun app Family Feud & Friends. This app follows the same premise as the game show- you try to guess the top answers. However, you can play this app with both your family and your friends!