Brianna Renee Tells You If DIY Eyeliner Really Works- See What We Think!

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Brianna Renee Tells You If DIY Eyeliner Really Works!

Every woman who wears makeup knows that the cost of cosmetics can add up very quickly. But, what if you could create your own makeup right in your home and save yourself a few dollars? Youtuber Brianna Renee recently tested out a DIY eyeliner project and gave feedback on her experience. She found the idea for the project under Pinterest beauty hacks. In her video, Brianna uses non-toxic household colored pencils as her DIY eyeliner. Check out her video to learn more about this DIY makeup as well as other DIY products she created.

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Here is what we think about Brianna’s video:

  • She chose a really simple DIY Pinterest hacks to try out. As a result, the DIY eyeliner did not work out too well. She used colored pencils as eyeliner and lip liner. In a pinch, this DIY hack would work. However, there are much better alternatives to this hack that actually work.
  • The eyeliner ended up being only lightly pigmented and somewhat crumbly. This isn’t terribly surprising considering that she used a heated colored pencil.
  • We are a little concerned about the health aspect of this hack. While the colored pencil is essentially no different than an authentic eyeliner pencil, the compounds and ingredients used to make the pencils differ.
  • A good, affordable alternative is DIY gel liner that uses activated charcoal capsules, Vitamin E capsules, and aloe vera gel. You can check out this video to learn more.