Discover The Secret to Cutting Your Decorating Budget With DIY Fall Decoration Projects!

diy fall decoration

The Secret to Cutting Your Decorating Budget With A Cool DIY Fall Decoration!

Can you believe that summer is rapidly coming to an end?? It feels like just yesterday we were enjoying the first days of summer vacation. Now, it is time to slowly transition to autumn. That means jeans and chunky sweaters, pumpkins everywhere and in every food you eat, the leaves changing colors, and those slightly chilly autumn mornings. As we transition to fall, now is a good time to start thinking about autumn decor. Today, we have a super easy DIY fall decoration that will definitely make your home look fall-festive! Check it out.


A large, clear glass jar

A terracotta dish that will accommodate the size of the glass jar when you sit it overtop

Small pumpkins and gourds


Leaves (you can use leaves found outside such as ginko leaves)


Cut the moss to fit within the hole of your glass jar and the base of your terracotta dish. Then, arrange the small pumpkins and gourds to create a fun fall scene on top of the moss. Use the leaves to add more visual interest to your decoration. Then, place your glass jar over the top of the terracotta dish/moss scene. Voila! There you have your simple DIY fall decoration!