Best FREE Apps On Amazon (Like Wheres My Water) As of September 27-Get Them While You Can!

Wheres My Water

Best FREE Apps On Amazon Like Wheres My Water

What could be better than fun, FREE apps that you can download directly to your mobile phone or tablet? Today, we have gathered a list of some of the best Amazon apps currently available. There are a wide variety of apps in this list, so you are almost certain to find at least one that you would like!

  • Where’s My Water?– This is a challenging yet fun brain teaser Disney app that children enjoy. Puzzles are based on the concept of physics so you children will learn as they play!
  • Trivia Crack- This is a classic trivia game that people go wild for! Challenge yourself to answer tricky trivia questions and try to beat your own high score.
  • Emoji Maker- Create your own fun and silly emojis to express your thoughts and feelings! Amazon customers agree that this is a great app for children and adults.
  • High-Powered Flashlight- This app gets serious points for practicality! This app allows you to shine a bright light that serves as a flashlight from your phone!
  • What Restaurant?- This is a fun restaurant trivia game that people are having a great time playing! When you play this game, you will receive different clues that will help you guess ‘what restaurant!’