A Simple Way To Snag a Free Badge That Works For Toyota Drivers

Toyota Badge

A Simple Way To Snag a Free Toyota Badge

Hey Toyota owners, you have to check out this special freebie deal for a FREE Toyota badge for your car. You can actually customize the badge so that it is to your liking. In order to get your FREE badge, click on the ‘get your badge’ button at the bottom of the Toyota web page and fill out the information form. In order to get your freebie, you have to name your Toyota.

You can select any name you want, but your FREE badge will have your Toyota’s name on it! You also have to provide the name behind your Toyota and why you selected that name. Then, upload your favorite photo of your Toyota to the website. Be sure to fill out the form with your name, mailing info, email address, and Toyota model.

After you submit your request, you should receive your badge in the mail within several weeks to a month. Then, you can proudly adhere your badge right to you Toyota and let the world know your car’s name! While you are signing up to receive your badge, you can also opt to receive info and promotions from Toyota. Once you receive your badge, don’t forget to post a photo of it on social media!