How To Save Money at the Grocery Store By Cutting Your Bill In Half!

How To Save Money at the Grocery Store

We have probably all heard about extreme couponing shows on television. If you have ever watched one of these shows, you know how incredible the savings opportunities can be for people who extreme coupon. However, you also know that people who extreme coupon dedicate a lot of time and energy into their money-saving efforts. Many of us do not have enough time to gather all the necessary coupon booklets, cut and organize the coupons, figure out how the coupons can be stacked, determine what stores allow the use of multiple coupons, shop for cartloads of items, wait for the lengthy checkout process to occur, drag all the purchased items to your car, and then sort through them at home! Even if you do not have enough time to dedicate to extreme couponing, there are many simple and easy ways to save on your grocery store purchases that do not require large investments of your time and energy. Here are some simple and easy ways on how to save money at the grocery store.

Learn how to save money at the grocery store with the following helpful tips!

Use manufacture coupons, rebate apps and offers, and store coupons to save BIG!

Printable manufacturer coupons are typically accepted at both chain grocery stores and local stores. They are one of the best ways to save money on your purchases. Save the most money by combining manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and rebate offers. Check out the following coupon websites to find the best manufacturer coupons available!

Source: Modern Farmer

Figure out which grocery stores offer the lowest prices

When you shop at different stores, pay attention to the prices. Sometimes, you can check a store’s website to determine their prices. However, you may need to visit a store to find out how their items are priced. Hold onto your receipts so you can compare prices and determine which grocery store consistently offers the lowest prices.

Sign up for store rewards cards and credit cards

Many stores now offer loyalty rewards cards (that are FREE) and offer you exciting freebies and deals when you make purchases. You can also apply for store credit cards which give you money back or other deals on your purchases. You can also sign up with many stores to receive notification about sales and deals via your email. Check out some great loyalty programs below:

  • Lancome Elite Rewards– Save 15% on your purchase when you use the discount code Elite15 Plus, you can get FREE shipping on your purchase totaling $49 or more
  • Starbucks Rewards– Get a variety of awesome deals and freebies when you sign up with Starbucks Rewards! One freebie typically offered is FREE coffee!
  • Target Red Card– Get 5% off every purchase you make with your Target Red Card! Other special coupon offers and deals become available to Target Red Card customers only.
  • Kelloggs Family Rewards- Wrack up the Kelloggs Family Rewards points via online codes and codes found on Kelloggs products to receive lots of awesome freebies and special offers!

Know each grocery store’s policy on coupons

Check out your local grocery store’s coupon policy in advance. Know what they will accept and what they won’t accept so you don’t waste your time. Stores generally won’t budge on the rules pertaining to coupons, so save your time and check in advance.

Shop once a month

Looking for another tip on how to save money at the grocery store? We’ve got one! This idea might sound crazy to some of you, but we challenge you to give it a try! Shoppers typically purchase more than half of what they intended to spend when they shop at the grocery store several times each week. Shopping once a month allows you to organize and plan with your coupons and match the deals to your meals (in you plan ahead)!

Try out items before you buy them so you don’t waste your money!

Nothing is worse than investing your money in an item or product only to find that you don’t like it! Instead, look for freebies and samples on websites such as MySavings. There, you will find countless samples and freebie offers that you can take advantage of before you purchase the items. Many stores also allow you to sample items in the deli or produce section before you make your purchase. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Purchase items in BULK

More can definitely be more when it comes to savings opportunities! Buy in bulk can save you a significant amount of money. If you purchase items by the case you may be able to save even MORE money! If there is a good sale on a large quantity of one item, take advantage of it and stock up. Be sure to check price per volume and per weight before you make your purchase. Check out club stores like BJs, Costco, and Sams Club for the best bulk food and item offers Right now, you can join Sams Club for half the price through October 2!

Familiarize yourself with your grocery store’s sales cycles

Stores typically have 6 week sales cycles. If an item you like goes on sale, stock up because it likely will not go on sale again for another 6 weeks (or longer)!

Get cashback and save those receipts!

Save your receipts and scan the back to the National Consumer Panel to get additional savings offers! You can also refer back to your receipts to check for impulse buys (and plan not to do the same thing the next time you shop)!

Check out the following rebate apps that will give you cash back for select purchases:

We hope these tips on how to save money at the grocery store will come in handy and help you save big!