This Ink Cartridge Hack Saved Me HUNDREDS of Dollars!! Now I Share It With You

Anyone who owns a home printer knows how expensive printer ink is. Oftentimes, it seems that just as soon as we replace a printer ink cartridge we have to replace it once again! It is a seemingly unending cycle. Depending upon how frequently you print documents from home, you may be purchasing new ink cartridges very often.

Your Printer Ink Cartridge Purchase Don’t Have to Drive You to The Poor House!!

Did you know that your cartridge may be indicating that you are out of ink even if the cartridge is not actually empty yet? It’s true! You may be throwing away cartridges that are only partially empty.

However, there is good news!

There is a printer ink reset hack that will help you save money and printer ink. Our friend Brusspup shows you this incredibly simple, money saving hack in the video below! The ink cartridge companies really don’t want you to know about this printer hack because it will help you save money and will force them to miss out on your frequent ink cartridge purchases! You have to try it for yourself. All you need is a paperclip! It doesn’t get much easier than that. Check out the video along with our┬áspecific directions. Don’t forget to spread this helpful knowledge to your family and friends and help them save a few bucks too!


The sensors on your PC tell you that your ink cart is empty. However, they may be lying to you!! Use this trick to save yourself a lot of money.
Printer Ink Cartridge

Using the end of your unfolded paperclip, press the small indent above the cart’s circuit board. Make sure you do so gently.


Gently insert the cart back into your printer. Reset the printer status to find out how much ink is left in your cart. The results may AMAZE you!!

Enjoy the savings! And, don’t forget to share this with friends and family. Pass the savings along!!