More Election Day Freebies You Won’t Want To Miss!

Election Day 2016

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 8) is election day in the United States. Inevitably, some people will be very happy with the results of this election and some people will be very unhappy. Whether your candidate of choice wins or loses tomorrow, you can cheer yourself up or add to your celebration with these incredible election day freebie offers!

Election Day freebie offers:

You can get a FREE cookie at participating Great American Cookie shop locations when you display your “I Voted” sticker. No purchase is necessary and no coupons are needed to take advantage of this special offer. The Great American Cookie company knows how difficult this election has been, so they want to help end it on a sweet note for their customers. This offer entitles you to one FREE regular cookie of your choice. Yum!

Get caffeinated for FREE on election day at 7 Eleven locations throughout the United States with a FREE cup of coffee! Just scan your mobile 7 Eleven app to get your cup of coffee tomorrow (Tuesday, November 8).

If other freebies become available for election day, we will be sure to share them with you! Happy election day! Don’t forget to vote and let your voice be heard.