Election Day 2016 FREE Babysitting Offer At YMCAs Throughout The U.S.!

election day 2016

Happy Election Day 2016 to everyone who lives in the United States! Today is a big day for the U.S.

FREE Babysitting Offer on Election Day 2016

It has the potential to change history and set a precedent in many different ways. We know that you may have to wait in line for a while in order to vote and make your voice heard. We also know that waiting in long, endless lines with children is no fun at all and can be downright stressful. That is why YMCAs located throughout the United States are offering FREE babysitting today as an initiative called Zoe’s Kids Day Out.

While you vote, your children can play with other children in a fun and safe environment. Your children will be monitored at the YMCA by qualified individuals who can ensure their safety while you take care of your important civic duty. You can learn more about the FREE babysitting services being offered today on this website. Your kids will have a great time and you will be able to vote without the stress of keeping your children preoccupied while you wait in line. This is a very important day, so do your part and make sure your voice is heard! Happy voting!